10 Best Group Party Game Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Group Party Games Reviews

You are a party animal! And you love giving parties as-well, but your friends avoid parties organized especially by you.That might happen because your parties are dull and lifeless. But not from today, because here I am giving you the best group party game ideas, that are as amusing and engaging as a party game can ever be.

You definitely would have been organizing parties with all your heart, you would have been giving the best eatery at your party, the best music, and the best drinks as well, but until you do not put up engaging activities and games at your door, you will find your friends talking behind your back on how boring your party was, and, hearing that, you admit or not, really breaks your heart.

So why don’t you organize the best party with the best group party game? Which will not only set up everybody’s mood but will also reward you with utmost gratitude from them. You can also set up party games for ladies if, it’s an only ladies get together. If you are a parent and want to give the best birthday surprise to your child, you should undeniably cherish it with party games for kids.

If you are a part of all adults gang and want to raise the stakes high for a birthday party then I cannot request you enough to organize birthday party games for adults especially.

When talking about indoor party games, you can come up with great ideas, but can never match the excitement value which best board games and card games bring onto your party table. Card games especially cause the dopamine effect, where you get really excited and nervous at the same time, and that’s what we cherish about them.

The best group party game organized by you will surely be the ‘booyah’ moment of your party. After which no when will ever question about the taste you have, for your parties.

That’s what I am here for as I mentioned earlier, to offer you the best group party game options, that will rock your party and leave everyone in shock, as they haven’t expected such awesome group games from you.

So without further ado, let’s just dive into the perfect line of best group party game options in 2020 … 

Top 10 Group Party Games Comparison Table

That’s Trying to Kill You! That’s Trying to Kill You! EXIST The Hilarious Party Card Game
  • Quality:Good
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Fast Action Board Game Fast Action Board Game Jinx Family Edition Board Game
  • Quality:Good
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Amazing Party Games Amazing Party Games It’s in The Bag!
  • Quality:Good
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The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato Shocktato Party Game
  • Quality:Good
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Fun Board and Card Game Fun Board and Card Game Off Topic Adult Party Game
  • Quality:Good
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Perfect Party Game Perfect Party Game Drawing Without Dignity
  • Quality:Good
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The Game of Witty, Hilarious Answers That You Come Up with The Game of Witty, Hilarious Answers That You Come Up with Outrageous Party Game
  • Quality:Good
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Hilarious Adult Party Game Hilarious Adult Party Game Gutterhead The Fiendishly Funny Drawing Game
  • Quality:Good
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Party Drinking Games Party Drinking Games DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Games
  • Quality:Good
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A Dodgeball Card Game A Dodgeball Card Game Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens
  • Quality:Good
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Best Group Party Games Reviews

1. EXIST The Hilarious Party Card Game- That’s Trying to Kill You!

EXIST The Hilarious Party Card Game Key Features

  • The new party game that offers a ton of hysterical, crazy scenarios against which players compete to EXIST! Use your powers of persuasion and best Resource to save your life.
  • Extremely funny arguments / debates will arise as you and your friends fight for your life in this totally creative party game.
  • EXIST Forces you to think outside the box, putting your imagination to task. Challenging and fun to all.
  • Includes 323 cards divided into: Opponent, Location, Wild and Resource decks, Game Box, 6 Individual Storage Boxes, Rule Sheet and Supreme Decider Marker Card
  • Ages 17+ for 4 or more player. Perfect party starter

2. Jinx Family Edition Board Game Fast Action Board Game

Jinx Family Edition Board Game Key Features

  • Let the Good Times Roll! Ready for some real fun? JINX is the fast-action board game that lets the luck of the dice determine your fate.
  • Race to line up your game pieces in a row on the board. But one roll can change everything. Just when you are getting close to winning – JINX! – you might have to start over again.
  • There is even room for some revenge – the right roll may let you knock an opponent’s piece off the board.
  • With plenty of suspense and surprises, it’s great fun for the whole family.
  • Anyone can play, and it's fun for all ages. JINX is a popular addition to Family Game and Party Night. Ages 10 to Adult, for 2-6 Players/teams.

3. It’s in The Bag! – Amazing Party Games

It’s in The Bag! Key Features

  • IT'S 10X BETTER THAN OTHER PARTY GAMES! It’s in the Bag! is like playing charades on Steroids! This incredibly popular and new party game builds on the classic acting game and makes all your Party Dreams Come True!
  • BECOME THE ULTIMATE HOST FOR PARTIES – Do you want your friends, family, and kids to rave about your next party? Adults and children of every age and skill level will drop their toys, cell phones, and video games to enjoy this collaborative team building game that gets more fun every time you play…
  • AS EASY AS 1,2,3… If you love playing board games or pictionary, then you will become a huge fan of this game! It is super easy to learn to play, and never gets boring. With a timer running, every player on a team will have the chance to perform as their team guesses for points. 1st Round: Describe the word. 2nd Round: Describe the word using only one word. 3rd Round: Act out the Word!
  • LAUGHTER LIKE NEVER BEFORE – It’s in the Bag! was created to help friends and family bond with laughter and fun while playing the ultimate party game! No matter the size of the group or the location of the event, this game is the new favorite to any game night or party! Perfect for a Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, or Work Party. Great for groups 2 to 20 players!
  • BUY NOW WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE – There is a reason It’s in the Bag! has hundreds of 5-star reviews— it’s fun, easy, and never gets old. We also included a FREE e-Book with more game ideas! Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply return the Best Party Game Ever for a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked. Click the “Add to Cart” button now, and you will be happy you did!

4.Shocktato Party GameThe Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

Shocktato Party Game Key Features

  • SHOCKING FUN PARTY GAME - Shocktato is a patented electrifying shocking potato game for 2 or more players taking Hot Potato to the next level. Features 3 modes & a music only option for small kids.
  • 3 GAME MODES: Extreme, The silence is freaky, be ready for a shocking finish. Normal, when the music stops, prepare to the shocked! Lame, For the weak at heart! Only music.
  • DIRECTIONS - Turn it on with the on button. Then choose the game mode and hit start. Toss it around to see who has the best reaction to the jolt and get ready to laugh.
  • OBJECTIVE - Select the game mode, press start, and pass the potato as fast as you can so you can avoid the shock. We guarantee a laugh out loud good time. Popular game for teens and adults.
  • EXTREME SHOCKTATO PRANK - Turn on the Shocktato, select extreme mode, choose an unsuspecting target and hit start. Share with all your friends! Makes a great birthday or party activity.

5.Off Topic Adult Party Game – Fun Board and Card Game

Off Topic Adult Party Game Key Features

  • CREATIVITY RULES: Off Topic is a fun board game that gets the brain juices flowin’ and stirs up some hilarious conversations during friends and family game night.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Draw a card to set the topics, and roll the die to set the letter that your responses must begin with. Flip the sand timer and you're off! Race against time to write down answers for each topic that begin with the letter rolled.
  • DEFEND YOUR ANSWERS: Coming up with answers is only part of the game. Debating answers with your friends and family is where the real fun happens!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! Each game box comes with everything you need for endless rounds of fun: a 20-sided die, 16 game cards, 8 white boards, 10 dry erase markers, and a 2 minute sand timer.
  • FAST PACED FUN: The perfect party game for adults to play with 2-8 players. The best game for those with short attentions spans, (read: everyone) the pace is quick, the rules are simple, and games can be as brief as 30 minutes, or as fun as 90 minutes!

6. Drawing Without Dignity- Perfect Party Game

Drawing Without Dignity Key Features

  • ADULT PARTY TIME: Perfect party game for adult game night or as a gift. Seriously though, this one not for the faint of heart and is for the grown ups only.
  • Uncensored Pictionary-style adult party game that pits you and your disturbed friends against each other in a race to draw and guess HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE clues. Don't say we didn't try and warn you.
  • 670 NSFW (NOT safe for work, NOT family-friendly) things to draw, more than most deplorably bad people can handle. If you or your "polite company" blush at curse words or innuendo, please check out our other game ARTSY FARTSY.
  • Includes 150 professionally printed premium playing cards with over the line words and phrases that you and the rest of humanity will wish you never typed into your search engine
  • Also includes game rules, timer, die, pretty box, drawing pad, and golf pencils no one will ever use (but we included so you don't call us cheap). A great addition to your social party game night!

7. Outrageous Party Game – The Game of Witty, Hilarious Answers That You Come Up with

Outrageous Party Game Key Features

  • HOTTEST NEW PARTY GAME: Outrageous is a hot new party game, where players use their creativity to come up with witty, unique, and hilarious answers to modern-day prompts. Outrageous adapts to any audience, and can be family-friendly, or wild and "adults-only," depending on who you play with. Play your son, play with your Aunt Sally, or play with your college buddies. Everyone can have a good time playing OUTRAGEOUS!
  • LAUGH ALL NIGHT LONG: Use your wits to answer prompts such as "I'd hide if ____ showed up at my door," "Essential oils cured my ____," "They should sell ____ in vending machines," "Hillary Clinton wrote a self-help book on ______." Then let the judge pick their favorite answers.
  • GREAT FOR GROUPS: Recommended for ages 13 and up. 4-8 Players. (More can play if you provide your own pencils.) 30 min. playtime. COMES WITH: 220 prompt cards, answer pad, 8 pencils, and instruction booklet
  • EASY TO LEARN: Open the box and be playing in 5 min. Perfect for birthday parties, girls night, holiday get-togethers, and more. Makes a great gift. Perfect game for teens, families, friends and more. One of the most popular teen games, family games, and party games on the market today! Buy Outrageous for an outrageously good time!

Gutterhead The Fiendishly Funny Drawing Game Key Features

  • HILARIOUS ADULT PARTY GAME that's like the twisted love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity
  • NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED. Draw, mime and guess over 240 fiendishly funny words and phrases too outrageous to show here (seriously, we're not allowed to show you!)
  • TEAMS COMPETE HEAD-TO-HEAD in a race to the end of the board which will swiftly expose the depraved minds of your so-called 'innocent' friends
  • RUBBISH AT ART? NO BIGGIE! The worse you are, the more hilarious things get! 4-16 players. Age 17+. Play time 30-60 mins. Learn in 90 seconds
  • "INCREDIBLE" - UNILAD. This adult board game guarantees gut-busting laughter at your next dinner party, hen party, stag do, or adult games night

9. DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Games Party Drinking Games

DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Games Key Features 

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens Key Features

  • From the creators of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito is the world's first dodgeball card game!
  • Try to collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing squishy airborne burritos. The cards you collect earn points, but getting hit by flying burritos loses them.
  • Clear some space and put away the antiques, because you've never played a party game quite like this before. Rack up points by finding sets of three in the deck. Find matches before anyone else does.
  • Steal points from your opponents by hitting them with squishy foam burritos. Declare war on your friends, brawl it out with a neighbor, or duel to determine the winner.
  • For 2-6 players. Includes 120 cards, 7 tokens, and 2 INCREDIBLY CUTE foam burritos soft enough to throw at your great-great Auntie Marlene without having to feel guilty!
  • "Throw Throw Burrito is a delightful mixture of cleverness and agility. It's like Uno meets Nerf." according to Marlene Huffincobble, your great Auntie and Burrito Enthusiast.

How to Make your Party Games Super-Hit ?

1. Don’t be so Independent – First thing to keep in mind before giving a commitment to organize a party, is that you are a human, you have your limitations. You just can’t manage a ton of things independently, you will need people who can help you through it. You should have some friends or volunteers that can help to arrange the best group party game,for your captivating party.

2. Plan a heavenly menu – Of course, you will need a mindbogglingly delicious set of an eatery , that can go hand in hand with the best party group game, that you have managed to arrange. It is always appreciated to have a snack ongoing with a provocative party game.

3. Arrange rewards and gifts – To make your group games more interesting and competitive, you can always offer rewards and gifts to everyone or especially to winners of the winners. This will make all of your friends indulge more in the games and also make your guests excited about the next party you will arrange.

4. Be clear about the Rules – Obviously no want will want to participate in a party game , that seems to be unfair with their contestants. So make sure that the rules of the best group party game are transparent and easy to understand. That will make all your friends have a good vibe around the game, and there will be least chance of a dispute, which can sometimes lead your party to the worse.

5. Do not choose the regular games – If you want to make your party the most fun event of recent times, then you just can’t miss out on the latest party games in the market. In this regularly upgrading world, no one wants those regular games like, spin the bottle or dumb charades. You need to catch up on your party skills by introducing the best group party game, for party events like birthday, Farwell, or bachelorette parties.

Final Thoughts

So here we are, I am sure, you would have checked all the compelling party game options of the above lineup. You would have also checked their description that I have provided with each game, to better understand the game and make decisions whether to buy it or not.

But I will certainly tell you all the games that I have stitched above are tried and tested by me, I have organized each on of it in my parties, after all, I am too sort of a party freak. 

So this is the basic idea when we are spending bucks to arrange a group party, we should no really care about some extra bucks which we can spend to buy the best group party game, and make the party more entertaining and where each and every one of your guest is delighted to be a part of.

Now Its time for me to go and plan my birthday party, for which I am really excited about, you know why? because I will be introducing the best group party game, from the above list. 

Guess! which party game I am talking about from the above lineup using the comment section below, and also tell me your favorites there. I would love to know your thoughts.

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