8 Best Miraculous Ladybug Party Ideas Reviews & Buyers Guide

how to plan a miraculous ladybug party

Are you  planning to host a miraculous ladybug party?

How To Plan a Miraculous Ladybug PartyAnd not sure how to plan it?

In this article, you’ll get everything you need to know on how to plan a miraculous ladybug party.

Whether you’re looking to plan a miraculous birthday party for your kids or any other kind of celebrations, these ideas are meant to give your kid and his or her friends a lot of happiness and a party to remember.

We’ll share with you some cool ideas for food, games and decorations to put together a miraculous ladybug party.

These ideas are best for parents who have a child that loves the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir and meant to make their party fun and memorable.

So, without further a do let’s get into it.

How To Plan a Miraculous Ladybug Party: Best Party Ideas

Miraculous Ladybug Party Invitations

First thing in organizing the miraculous ladybug party is designing the cards. You can go for the printable designs featuring Marinette  Dupain-Cheng in the backdrop. Here are a few ideas for the invitation card- 

  1. On red polka dot background
  2. Paris backdrop
  3. Pink with jumping action

              Miraculous Party Invitations free printable

Party Masks

You can get your guests in the party mood with some cool printable eye masks for Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir to get the party on the groove. You can choose shape, design and size based on your preference.

Printables: Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir Masks

Birthday Banner And Food Decorations

Next, you can go for several printables like a birthday party banner, food topper flags and party cones if you’re planning for a birthday party.Besides, you can go go for printable bookmarks as a return gift as the kids will surely love them!
Miraculous Ladybug: Free Party Printables and Invitations.


Another way to create the vibe of the show is using balloons with color schemes of red polka dot, black, dark blue, and light blue balloons. These will give a cool representation of the lady bug and the skies. This is a creative idea as kids love balloons and what better than having them in the colors of their favorite character!
Eu me chamo Marinette Uma menina como as outras Mas tem uma coisa que ninguém sabe Porque eu tenho um segredo...🐞 . Miraculous Lady Bug…


The delicious birthday party foods like appetizers, desserts, snacks, drinks, and other menu items are the life of a party.  
You can go combination of fruits like watermelon with blueberries and/or grapes fit the ladybug theme perfectly. They are sweet and delicious at the same time healthy for your kids.In short, the perfect combination.
watermelon with blueberry or grape


One of the appetizer to gor with the miraculous show theme is caprese made of olives, cherry tomato, cheese, and basil leaves on Ritz crackers or bruschetta style bread. This will make your guests’ eyes and stomachs flutter!
Ladybug Caprese – Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

Miraculous Ladybug Cakes

You can go for a three tier cake, two-tier cake or a single tier following similar color themes. The one we have shown here is an eye catchy, simple to implement and colorful three tier cake.
You can opt for different variations to make each layer unique with polka dots, cat pawprints, and other kind of decorations.
three tier cake, polka dot, white, red, black, cat paw print.

Miraculous Ladybug Party Games

Party games that are engaging and fun can take the party to another level.
Some great miraculous party games are making eye masks or Tikki, the kwami that helps Marinette turn into a ladybug superhero while Pinatas are always a fun activity at a party. 
So, you can go for these games and make your party fun and interesting..
make eye masks and tikki party craft - miraculous ladybug party game idea
Conclusion And Final Review

Miraculous ladybug is one of the most popular shows today and you know how much kids love it. And there’s nothing better if they could get into  a party themed by their favorite show!

These Miraculous Ladybug party ideas & themes for decorations, food, and games are sure to give you the Miraculous Ladybug party theme that your guests will not forget for a long time.

Most importantly, if you’re here for your kids who are a fan of the show, you can’t go any wrong with these ideas!

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