10 Best Cocktail Party Games For Adults Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best cocktail party games for adults

If you are looking to buy the best cocktail party games for adults. Then you have reached the right place.

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There are so many cocktail party games for adults that have the potential of making your party, a rocking one. This can get you thinking what are the best party games that are new and fun? 

But you don’t need to worry as we got your back. There’s no more need to spend more time researching drinking party games for your cool cocktail party. 

We have got a pretty good list right here on the best cocktail party games for adults just for you. 

We have also included both cocktail party games for couples and party drinking games for adults large groups in our reviews..

Here are some of the best cocktail party games for adults that will make your event fun, memorable and a huge hit!

Top 10 Best Cocktail Party Games For Adult Comparison Table

Conversation Starters Table Card Games Conversation Starters Table Card Games Cocktail Farty Game
  • Quality:Good
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Fun Drinking Card Game Fun Drinking Card Game Truth or Drink
  • Quality:Good
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Beer Games Gift with Beer  Beer Games Gift with Beer  DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Games
  • Quality:Good
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The Ultimate Adult Party Game The Ultimate Adult Party Game Tipsy Tower Drinking Game
  • Quality:Good
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The Twisted Party Game The Twisted Party Game That’s What She Said
  • Quality:Good
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New Cards New Dares New Cards New Dares Do or Drink Card Game
  • Quality:Good
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Show your social drinking skills Show your social drinking skills Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set
  • Quality:Good
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Spinning Roulette Wheel with Shot Glass Holders Spinning Roulette Wheel with Shot Glass Holders Trademark Shot Roulette Casino Drinking Game
  • Quality:Good
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Super easy to learn and play  Super easy to learn and play  These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  • Quality:Good
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Questions to Start Great Conversations Questions to Start Great Conversations TableTopics Original
  • Quality:Good
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Top 10 Best Cocktail Party Games For Adults Reviews

1.Cocktail Farty Game- Conversation Starters Table Card Games

Cocktail Farty Game Key Features

  • ICEBREAKER GAME FOR ADULTS PROVIDES HOURS OF FUN: Embark on a brain quest at parties, dinner parties, cocktail parties, girls trips, guys trips, vacations, friend gatherings, or family gatherings.
  • TRIVIA GAMES FOR ADULTS: Table topics conversation cards consist of a fun mix of appropriate questions ranging from silly to thought-provoking to encourage conversation between people.
  • CONVERSATION STARTER CARDS TOPICS: Range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking, and will inspire the best conversation. This card games is a fun way to connect and discover more about each other.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING: 150 conversation cards come printed on card stock and shrink wrapped in a custom designed cylindrical box. With 150 table games questions, you will never run out of things to talk about.
  • PERFECT PARTY GIFT ACCESSORY FOR ANY COCKTAIL (and fun!) ENTHUSIAST: This conversation game makes a great gift!

2.Truth or Drink Fun Drinking Card Game

Truth or Drink  Key Features

  • HOW TO PLAY: The rules are simple: Set out the drinks, and shuffle together decks of your choice. Draw a card and ask the questions printed on it. Will you have a nice stiff drink, or tell the cold hard truth? By night’s end, you’ll all be better friends after asking the questions you’d never dared ask out loud. Recommended for groups of 3 to 8 people.
  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Mix It Up With 5 Different Decks | On The Rocks: Chill questions for mixed company with enough bite to help you loosen up | Extra Dirty: Cringeworthy, adult-themed questions that pair nicely with adult beverages. Not safe for work! | Happy Hour: Feel-good questions for when you want to be nice to each other | Last Call: Questions that put your relationship to the ultimate test | With A Twist: A deck that adds strategic gameplay
  • MADE BY CUT: Based on our hit YouTube series Truth or Drink, with over 500 million views (and counting!). We created this game as a way to test the boundaries we have with friends, family, and the ones we love. So pull up a seat! A bottle is the only thing that stands between you and the ultimate truth.

3.DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Games Beer Games Gift with Beer 

DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Games Key Features

  • THE ULTIMATE PARTY BOARD GAME! The only game to combine all the "old-school" & "new-school" game night games into one! If you like PONG, KINGS CUP, FLIP CUP, QUARTERS and all the BEST ADULT GAMES; then you will love the DRINK-A-PALOOZA board game. DrinkaPalooza is known by college students as the "BEST PARTY GAME EVER!" Perfect for your next game night! Checkout our reviews to see how great this game really is!
  • GET THE PARTY STARTED with DRINK-A-PALOOZA! No ping-pong table required! It can be played in anyone’s kitchen and is equipped with all your partying needs. This adult game come with ping-pong balls, deck of playing cards, dice, six game pieces and mini bottles that are collected to win the game! If you are a gamer and like to party; you will love this top-rated board game!
  • 2 TO 12 PLAYERS make drink-a-palooza the best party games for two players and/or couples. Team-up in teams of two for the ultimate game play. Game night just got 1000x tastier! This board game for adults keeps everyone entertained and is a hit and couldn't make for a better evening of adult games for groups who love party games.
  • DRINK-A-PALOOZA is a great gift for men and women that makes game nights for couples into one amazing party night! Re-live your college days! No bachelor or bachelorette is complete without DRINK-A-PALOOZA! It’s a combo of your favorite adult games and card games.
  • DRINK-A-PALOOZA can be played with any type of drink such as soda, water, juice and IS NOT INTENDED for alcohol. It’s the BEST BOARD GAME GIFT and the hottest game on the market. It will make your party or game night a hit!!! No other game has all the party games in one!

4. Tipsy Tower Drinking Game The Ultimate Adult Party Game

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game Key Features

  • THE ULTIMATE BLOCK STACKING PARTY GAME : Tipsy Tower is the perfect party game twist. 35 games in one, this tower will get the whole party going! Perfect for college parties, pregames, happy hours, bachelorettes, bachelor parties, bars, game nights. Even great for regular board game nights - NO DRINKING REQUIRED!
  • 54 BLOCKS OVER 35 UNIQUE RULES & GAMES: One of over the 35+ unique games and rules are printed on each of 54 blocks (one on each) for a new experience every time. Included are some of the best classics: story time, moose, make a rule, in combination with some brand new ones: god, most likely to, nicknames, truth or dare. Makes every game different!
  • EVERYTHING NEEDED INCLUDED + FREE PLASTIC SLEEVE: High quality box with instructions printed right on it for easy transport. No more losing the instruction book! Extra included plastic sleeve for easy set up so you can play over and over again!
  • HIGH QUALITY BUILD & BLACK FINISH: Tired of the boring old? We got you covered! Each block is perfectly sized at 1x3 inches of quality wood with an aesthetic black finish to give it a unique one of a kind look!
  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY: With the variety plus the fun in just playing it's perfect for everyone and every occasion! Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, Bachelorette, Bachelor, Secret Santa, White Elephant, Wedding, Graduation, Stocking Stuffer, just a Thanks For Being my Friend Gift? We got you covered and we're sure they'll love it! Even great for regular board game nights, no need to drink!

5.That’s What She Said – The Twisted Party Game

That’s What She Said Key Features

  • An outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or game night. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch!
  • Great for parties! Fast paced and hilarious on every turn—a perfect twist to Cards Against Humanity.
  • This game is as twisted as your mind wants it to be. Play with different friends for wildly different outcomes!
  • 458 Cards (400 White Phrase Cards and 58 Red Setup Cards) | 4+ players | 30-60 min | Ages: 17+
  • Play it pre-funk, post funk... ANY-funk! Take this with you to bachelor or bachelorette parties, ladies night out, holiday parties, college reunions, and 21st birthdays.

6.Do or Drink Card Game –New Cards New Dares

Do or Drink Card Game Key Features

  • TAKE YOUR PARTY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL: This is the hilarious first expansion pack for Do or Drink. New Cards means New Dares and New Laughs to make your game last longer, and your party that much more legendary.
  • NOT G-RATED: This crazy party card game is not family-friendly, and TBH many say it should be banned; So, if you think ‘Motorboating’ involves a boat, and Peach Emojis are innocent this is not your game - Do or Drink is a party game for friends who are willing to get weird
  • ADD TO THE FUN: The expansion includes 100 all-new, seriously depraved cards to add to your original set. Our new cards are as savage as ever. Do the dares or drink - the choice is yours.
  • GET TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDS LIKE NEVER BEFORE: This expansion features more outrageous dares that defy all personal space.There are no "free skip" cards in this game - and let’s be clear, doing these dares will completely ruin your reputation!
  • NO LIMP CARDS: Don’t let the witty dares and cheap thrills fool you, these cards are built tough - we avoided the cheap flimsy cards that wilt when wet, and instead crafted thick, rugged cards that stand up to any amount of partying and all-night fun so you can take your party to go to a whole new level.

7.Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set–  Show your social drinking skills

Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set Key Features

  • Let's get the party started! Show your social drinking skills are right on-target with the Club Fun Magnetic Dart Shot Game
  • Aim carefully, or the next shot is yours to drink!
  • Features target with game rules, metal stand, 4 magnetic darts, and 4 shot glasses
  • Stand measures 9-7/8" x 13-5/8" x 2-3/4"
  • Always drink responsibly.

8.Trademark Shot Roulette Casino Drinking Game- Spinning Roulette Wheel with Shot Glass Holders

Trademark Shot Roulette Casino Drinking Game Key Features

  • 16 Numbered Shot Glasses: 8 Red, 8 Black
  • 2 Metal Balls
  • Spinning Roulette Wheel with Shot Glass Holders
  • Dimensions: Length: 11.5 Inch, Width: 11.5 Inch, Height: 2.75 Inch
  • Play for fun, or place bets to make things even more interesting!

9.These Cards Will Get You Drunk- Super easy to learn and play 

These Cards Will Get You Drunk Key Features

  • The fun adult drinking card game that will have you and your friends LOL-ing.
  • Compete, vote and screw your friends over with 100 dynamic cards - no two games are the same.
  • Super easy to learn and play - perfect for your next party, pregame or nights in.
  • Great for 2-8 players, ages 21+.
  • Play with beer, shots, wine, water...whatever, but always drink responsibly!

10.TableTopics Original- Questions to Start Great Conversations

TableTopics Original Key Features

  • This new version of our popular Original edition has 25% updated questions
  • With more than 2 million copies sold, TableTopics are the #1 best-selling conversation starters
  • 135 thought-provoking questions inspire the best kinds of conversation at dinner parties, family gatherings, or any time you want to break the ice.
  • A fun way for family and friends to reconnect and discover more about themselves and each other
  • Created for adults but appropriate for ages 12+

A Few Check Points

Cocktail party games are a great way to break the ice and get everyone in the mood to party. Before deciding on what party games to play during your next cocktail party, make sure that it complements your party theme and is appropriate for all of the guests attending. Here are a few things to keep in mind-
Invitations – Let your guests know what to expect. Will this be a formal affair or a casual night out?
Lots of Friends – You’ll want lots of people there so there can be a lot of mixing and mingling.
Lots of Food – Finger Foods and Appetizers work best. Try to avoid anything that will require a knife, fork or spoon.
Lots of Cocktails – If you and your guests don’t drink, they can still have a cocktail party.
An Extra Pair of Hands – If possible, hire someone to do the mixing and pouring, or arrange who will be doing it during the party. If you are doing it, you’ll need someone else to greet guests, keep the food supplied, etc.

Lots of Party Music – Great music that your guests will enjoy, but not too loud – part of the attraction of this party is giving guests the chance to talk to each other!

Cocktail Party Ideas

We have compiled a list of some great ideas to integrate these party games into your cocktail party. Obviously, you can go for one of them, two of them or all if you’re hosting a big party.


Cocktail parties are often popular because of the appetizers. Entertain guests by having them make their own food and drinks! This will spark conversation and enhance guest interaction. Make the food decorative and fun by creating skewers of cheese and fruit or cake pops. If you are going for this type of party, dinner party games are what you can consider.


Outdoor games are always a top choice for cocktail party entertainment. Put your guests to the test by having them play the outdoor cocktail party games that we have included here. Once purchased, these activities can be shared among friends to continue fun and engaging cocktail parties in the future!


The best cocktail party games for adults are often the icebreaker games as they encourage interaction and new friendships. Icebreaker games work for social settings, as well as business-related events. When choosing an icebreaker, think about the personality of your group and your intentions for the game. They will keep your party alive all night!

The Bottom Line

I Hope, You must have found this guide helpful for your cocktail party plans.  

These party games for adults are best to keep your guests happy, entertained, and laughing all the way to the end. It will truly be a party that your guests won’t soon forget.

The list of best cocktail party games/ drinking games for adults provided here will surely light up your Party Venue and get everyone sloshed with fun.

We  also tried to integrate some of the best cocktail icebreaker games that are perfect for guests who don’t know each other well and lifelong friends.

I hope our article helped in choosing what you were looking for.

Have fun as much as you want but don’t drink and drive… 

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